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Crossfit CQ’s leading quality is it’s diversity. We have 55 year olds and 18 year olds, we have doctors, builders, stay at home parents, cleaners, engineers and business owners. We have introverts and we have extroverts. We have people who love to be surrounded by other people and we have those that are happy just doing their own thing. We have people that ooze confidence and we have people who’s palms sweat with doubt. We have serious athletes and we have people who just want to move. We have people who have played sport since they could walk and we have people who hadn’t exercised in 7 years before they started with us. Our people have happy days and our people have crappy days. There is just such an extraordinary range of exquisite humans and really… the only glaring commonality between our members is that their desire to live a healthy and ambitious life lead to action.
CFCQ was born out of a passion for helping people realise they are capable of not just surviving, but thriving. We take pride in providing a professional and high quality service. Our coaching philosophy is to always ensure that everyone walks out just a little better, a little happier and a little more determined than when they walked in.
Let your desires lead to action and come and discover the CFCQ difference today.

What Is Crossfit

We pride ourselves on our focus and commitment to a high standard of coaching and mentoring.

Getting Started at CrossFit CQ

Step One:

Arrive about 15 minutes before your first class to complete a health check. Be sure to wear comfortable exercise gear and bring a towel and water bottle. PS: your first class is FREE!

Step Two:

Next, you’ll be given a quick tour and introduced to your coach. Ask them anything, they love questions and are always more than excited to help. Don’t be shy, we were all ‘first timers’ at some point.

Step Three:

CrossFit time! Don’t worry you’re not just thrown in the deep end, your coach will brief the workout, demonstrate the movements and work with you to ensure your moving safely and understand the workout.

Step Four:

Check out our membership options and chat to one of our staff about your goals so you can continue to experience the endless benefits of CrossFit at CrossFit CQ.


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